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November 3, 2017

Missing Person Alert! Lao-Tzu

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Missing people have been around as long as…well people have been around, or not around as the case may be…did you know that Lao-Tzu, the famous Chinese sage and the founder of Taoism is (was) considered a missing person?...or at least was during his time according to many…the man who wrote the famous Tao Te Ching is said to have  worked in the court of the Zhou dynasty until he was quite old…he gradually grew more and more dismayed at the corruption and hypocrisy that was widespread in his surroundings (some things have never changed I guess), he gave everything up…it is said that he took a few provisions, and then riding a water buffalo, he headed for the western wilderness…where he never was to be heard from or seen again… The sentry guarding the border asked the old master to record his wisdom for the good of the country and its people before he would be permitted to pass…some believe that this is when Lao penned the Tao Te Ching…after doing that, Lao-Tzu crossed over the border and then headed up into the mountains where he disappeared forever…there are other theories about what happened to him but of course the eyewitnesses are long dead…who can say?