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November 7, 2017


Levitation is described as the rising of a human body and/or other objects into the air by some form of mystical means…those who believe in levitation claims it is the direct result of supernatural action…a concentration of psychic power or spiritual energy that causes the event to occur…perhaps you've been at a magic show where a magician will make his assistant levitate...members of the scientific community scoff at this idea and claim that there is no evidence that levitation actually occurs and alleged that these levitation events are explainable by other means such as magic, hoax or illusion…there are many religions that have claimed examples of levitation have happened among their followers…many times this is ‘evidence’ that the religion is powerful and valid…there have also been shyster mediums that have claimed to have levitated during séances, most have been shown to be frauds, doing levitation by using wires and assorted stage magic tricks…there have been many yogis in India and other places who have laid claim to the ability to levitate…transcendental meditation masters and their followers have claimed to have the ability to levitate…some have admitted though that the levitation is actually bouncing…in short, there has never been any proof to substantiate any claims, but the thought of floating around is interesting.