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October 7, 2017

Thoughts on Aromatherapy

I believe in the idea of aromatherapy…that’s the idea that certain smells from essential oils, flowers, or fruit can stimulate certain parts of the brain to help one relax or achieve a certain mood…smells have a way of doing that…try walking by a yard where somebody is cooking bratwurst and try not to suddenly become hungry…now some people believe certain smells trigger certain things…I think they’re called aroma therapists or something like that, and I’m sure they have some kind of certification to prove it…and they use specific fragrances for specific purposes...they have special blends if you’re feeling lonely or if you lack self-esteem…I don’t think any fragrance can help you with things like that, but the smell may put you in a better mood…in my opinion, aromatherapy is good for improving the mood but as far as specific fragrances being used to treat psychological conditions, I have doubts…aromatherapy can be tricked up and made as complex as can be, but I always go for simplicity…you can use the famous essential oils and you don’t mind spending some money, or just light some incense or a scented candle if you want to save some money…it’s hard to remain in a bad mood when you walk into a room that smells like cinnamon, frankincense, or whatever fragrance you like best…it can help you relax and unwind the mind…sometimes aromatherapy is even used by some as an alternative medicine.