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October 18, 2017

Past Lives

People mentioning past lives are often greeted with a smirk or an eye roll…however there quite a few who claim that this is true…they can recall events that seem so personal yet never happened to them in their current incarnation…some even remember who they were in a previous life, and no, not everyone was Napoleon or some other famous figure…most people in western culture do not believe this… however billions of Buddhists and Hindus believe quite the opposite…also Greeks, Egyptians and others have for many thousands of years believed something totally different…they believe that existence is like a table that just keeps going unlike most here that believe in what could be called a cyclical view… one is born, lives, and then dies…others think that because nobody’s perfect, your soul is born again so it can achieve perfection…of course very few ever achieve such a thing, so the soul keeps being reborn and reborn, etc…not in another location or some type of sphere, but right here on earth…more and more people are beginning to accept or at least accept the idea that this may be very possible.