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September 24, 2017

Slate Writing

The claim of Slate writing was no more than a hoax that was used by supposed mediums that involved slates that were written on by students and used in school…the claim was that spirits were writing messages on them in an effort to contact those still in this world…usually, a pair of slates would be used and they would be shown to the viewer clean, then they would be hidden, and then shown to the viewer again but astoundingly they would now have a written message on them…done supposedly by spirits...the trick became popular and was used by many fraudulent mediums…the trick could be done many ways, but usually involved the replacement of a blank slate with one that had already been written on (probably by the medium or their assistant)…when done properly, the trick was quite convincing to a na├»ve and unsuspecting group…the results seem preposterous but so many were desperate to contact or be contacted by the spirit world, they would take leave of their senses and fall for this hoax.