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September 20, 2017

Paranormal Events

Paranormal events are phenomena based events that go beyond and scientific explanation and the events are far from normal…ESP, psychic events, ghosts, transmigration are all examples of paranormal activity…’experts’ dismiss paranormal activity as merely pseudoscience…they don’t believe such things can occur…yet haunted houses are common, people rely on the stars to make decisions, UFO sightings have been frequent…things happen with no rational explanation…but they do happen…things have been captured on video to prove this…skeptics may dismiss these videos as being ‘tricked up’ but can they all be?...the skill of telepathy has been demonstrated over and over and that cannot be disputed…the paranormal is studied by parapsychologists who look deeply into claims of paranormal activity…the paranormal should not be confused with the supernatural…the supernatural is usually defined as something that is beyond nature…it has to do with magic and/or religion…generally, there is no attempt to prove or disprove supernatural beliefs, since their foundation is in faith, superstition and magical thinking…the paranormal usually relates to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without a scientific explanation…things such as transmigration, ESP, or other phenomena…sometimes proof of these occurrences cannot for scientists, be adequately explained…and are scoffed at or disbelieved…but the people who have experienced them…and those who have an open mind to the mystical...they believe.