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August 14, 2017


The word clairaudience means ‘clear hearing’…and it is the ability to hear sounds or words from that which belongs to the spirit world…in other words, a form of ESP, but one that involves sound, rather than vision…these ‘sounds’ are not able to be heard by the normal human being…sometimes during a reading, a psychic may ask a subject if a certain phrase or name means something to them…it could be that the psychic is ‘hearing’ the name or words when sitting with the person…sometimes a person who is blessed with this ability can use it to avoid a dangerous situation…they may be hearing a voice that causes them to alter their plans…hence, remaining safe…we all probably have had an experience with this whether we are conscious of it or not…how many times have we thought we heard someone’s voice even though that person may be miles…or worlds away?