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August 18, 2017

Can Animals Foretell Natural Disasters?

Can animals foretell natural disasters?...can they sense when nature is about to act like in the form of an earthquake, tornado, tsunami…etc…many say yes, that it is possible, others say no but the doubters are always going to doubt… but there are proven examples when animals have shown that they were aware of what's going on with the earth before humans were… we know that they can be aware of things we aren't …they can hear things we can't hear, smell things we can't smell, and sense things that we are not able to...scientists haven't yet determined as to why they're able to sense natural disasters before we can, but there is plenty of evidence that clearly proves that something is telling them that they need to flee despite what the skeptics say…some researchers believe that animals are able to feel certain types of waves that a shift in tectonic plates makes, before any shaking that is noticeable to humans even begins…these types of waves are not noticeable to humans…some believe that animals are more in tune with the environment and can sense when something isn’t right…others say sound ‘pulses’ that we are unable to hear trigger a reaction among animals…there are other theories out there as well, but the real reason is still a mystery…we see it in mostly dogs, but birds have been known to fly to a ‘safer’ place when they feel threatened by nature in one particular area…other animals have also demonstrated this ability…so the next time you notice your pet or any kind of wildlife behaving strangely, you may want to be on guard for something coming YOUR way.