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June 12, 2017

The Voice

A man had moved to Seattle to start a new job. He had no family or friends in the area. He was sitting in his small, studio apartment after eating a frozen dinner yet again, and he began feeling incredibly sorry for himself because he felt so alone and unhappy…he said to himself, "I'm so tired of this; I’ve always been so unlucky in life!"… then a mysterious booming voice rang out that seemed to come from nowhere said “You are extremely lucky!”…it startled him, but he began to contemplate his circumstance…he began to think of the good things that had happened to him…maybe his life wasn’t so bad after all…perhaps his situation was not because of being ‘unlucky’ but by his own doing… Even though he wasn’t that good, he joined a bowling league and made some friends… he volunteered with a group and overall, just got more involved with things around him…no longer did the man feel unlucky...maybe he just needed to be told that by that ‘mysterious’ voice