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June 7, 2017

Psychololgy vs. Parapsychology

Some might wonder what the difference is between psychology and parapsychology…I will attempt to explain…psychology is the very scientific study of human behavior…black and white so to speak…parapsychology is the study of "paranormal" occurrences, not so black and white…such as the assorted types of ESP psychologists carry out research to understand the nature of and bases for what we call observable phenomena…if you’ve ever been to college, somewhere along the line you may have taken a Psychology class and learned about Freud, Skinner, and all the rest with their various theroies… …the job of a parapsychologist is to search for evidence for unexplainable phenomena that has occurred...a psychologist uses specific, systematic and scientific methods in combination with statistical analysis to describe and explain what is called "normal" phenomena…the evidence for ESP rests on paranormal or statistical oddities that cannot be explained by chance or any known natural cause…in other words events that defy explanation…psychology as I mentioned is a formal academic discipline represented in all major universities, with strong professional societies and respected graduates...parapsychology is usually not found as a formal university academic discipline…and is not often thought as being a ‘professional’ endeavor due to its very nature…however there are many journals dedicated to the study of parapsychology…journals that contain quite interesting material and stories…parapsychology is often scoffed at by the intelligensia as being ‘hokey’ and un-believable, but what could be more hokey than some of the methods that have been used by these ‘respected’ psychologists and psychiatrists over the years?