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June 17, 2017

Noises In The Night

Creaks and groans...things that go bump in the night...we've all heard those things from time to time and if we analyze them, we can usually come up with a rational explanation...a dripping faucet, the wind causing a tree branch to scrape against the side of the house or window, or just the moans of a house settling...but what about sounds that can't be explained so easily?...some people have reported laying in bed then having the spine tingling experience of hearing footsteps in the hall...shuffling closer and closer...petrifying the listener...or perhaps the person in bed actually has the courage to get up to see who or what it is...only to find an empty hallway upon looking...and no one likes a phone ringing in the middle of the night or even worse...a knock on the door or a doorbell ringing...who knows who that could be...waking you from a dead sleep...we all have our fears and we can usually put them aside...but sometimes they have a frightening way of showing up when we are least expecting them...sleep well my friends.