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June 28, 2017

Lights Out

At a dinner party one night, some relatives were enjoying themselves eating when the conversation turned to deceased family members…and eventually they took up the conversation about ghosts and other world entities…several members of the group believed that such things exist, and several other members vehemently denied such a thing was possible…they were still discussing it when suddenly the lights in the house went off…for five, maybe seven seconds…the lights then came back on just as mysteriously as they had gone off…the people at the dinner table stared at one another…then just as they began talking…the lights when off again for ten seconds…all the lights in the house, the dining room, the kitchen, and other rooms had gone off…some people were shaken up by this and they quickly changed the subject, or decided to go home…I know, I was there…the next day, the host walked over to the neighbor and asked if their lights had gone off…the neighbor said they hadn’t…hmm, what to make of this strange occurrence?...a coincidence? maybe…maybe not.