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May 6, 2017



Telepathy is the supposed transmission of information from one person to another without using any of our known sensory channels or physical interaction…telepathy experiments have historically been poo-pooed and criticized for their lack of proper controls and the ability to repeat results…thus the professionals say there is no convincing evidence that telepathy exists, and the topic is generally dismissed by the intelligentsia…but of course they tend to dismiss anything that involves something other than what they have read in their dusty textbooks…telepathy is a common theme in modern movie and book fiction with characters having the ability to communicate telepathically…there have been some people who have held demonstrations to ‘prove’ their mind reading ability…I just saw a movie ‘Charlie Chan at Treasure Island’ where one of the characters is said to have the ability to read minds…often feats such as identifying a hidden object in a room, or being able to read off of a card that has been written on are used…this is done in conjunction with strangers, as people familiar with each other over the course of time may be able to ‘read’ the mind of their friend or partner simply because of their familiarity with them…but can someone actually read the mind of communicate information to someone using only telepathic means?... Within the world of parapsychology, telepathy is considered a relative of ESP…it is often lumped together with precognition and clairvoyance… telepathy is about being able to communicating mind to mind…i.e. getting someone to feel or think or if you will, 'hear' something from far, far away…without the use of symbol, sound or for that matter anything else but merely thought itself. There are several types of such telepathic activity…mental communication which two or more people could communicate with each other solely using their minds and the ability to send telepathic messages… telepathic impression, which would be placing a thought into the mind of another… mind control which would be being able to control the thoughts of someone…and mind reading, which would be reading though not interfering with the thoughts of another persons’ mind…there really exists no record of these things being done in a scientific setting…the results have been hit of miss…but there can be no doubt that telepathy has and does occur…prove it? can’t be…disprove it? can’t be either except maybe in a formal setting where telepathy may not be possible.