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April 19, 2017


The word transliminality which basically means "going beyond the threshold" was a concept introduced by a parapsychologist some time ago. It has been defined as a hypersensitivity to a type of psychological material that originates in the unconscious, and/or the external environment. High degrees of this trait have been shown to be associated with an increased tendency toward mystical experiences or greater creativity, and greater belief in the paranormal… the transliminality scale includes such items as mystical experience, relation to manic experience, dream interpretation, and the proneness to fantasy…there are seven types of dreams in the transliminality scale…

‘Regular’ lucid dreams – dreams that are pleasant or at least non-upsetting

archetypal dreams – dreams that often involve interaction with odd or strange beings

Fantastic nightmares - upsetting and very vivid memorable dreams, involving a range of negative emotions such as having a monster chasing you, or falling off a cliff

Pre-lucid dreams - where one questions whether one is dreaming but cannot decide such as the famous butterfly story told by Chaung-Tzu

Control dreams – dreams where control not possible in a normal waking life is exercised in the dream

Post-traumatic nightmares – this occurs when a traumatic real event is relived

Night terrors - awakening with a feeling of terror with no recall of the dream that caused it