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April 26, 2017


Samadhi can be described as making the mind still or what is often called spiritual absorption…that is, the mind is quiet…almost like one has entered a spiritual trance…it has been described as when someone sits down to meditate, remaining awake and alert…and then gets up thinking that perhaps only a few moments have passed…when actually hours may have passed…these types of meditative sessions are rare and to set a goal for having one certainly is not practical…in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, it is said that only the most enlightened beings are those who live in a constant state of Samadhi…for most of us, the practice of meditation is the most common way to experience a glimpse of Samadhi but even then it is elusive...if you are fortunate you may experience it even if it is only for a few seconds at a time…how do you know if you are in a state of Samadhi? don’t…because there is no part of your mind is left to maintain the awareness of anything…when you are in this state, neither internal nor external causes will distract you…you are in a state of deep stillness… tranquility envelops you as you meditate…the mind becomes blanketed with stillness like a mountain covered with a deep winter snow…until all thinking stops and you enter the state of pure stillness...of course, as soon as you start thinking that you are in a state of Samadhi, you have just departed from it…this is because a mind that is totally absorbed and does not comment on what is happening.