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April 14, 2017

Past-Life Regression

Past-Life Regression is a type of technique that invokes hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations…skeptics regard them as some type of delusion or fantasy conjured up by the ‘subject’ but there are many who take this very seriously...the technique that is used during a session or sessions of past-life regression and it involves the subject answering various questions posed to them while they are hypnotized to reveal their identity and events of these supposed past lives...some leave the professionals and sessions out of it and claim on their own that they have had these ‘regressions’…critics say that the use of hypnosis and suggestive questions can leave the subject likely to speak of false or widely distorted memories…and for every subject with a story to tell, there is a skeptic around the corner who immediately discounts their tale…it would be improbable that a subject could recall every detail of these experiences, hence the skeptics find these experiences to be imagined or confabulated…the Chinese numerologists among us use the Buddhist/Taoist text called the Three Lives Book…some teachers of Eastern beliefs claim to be able to use siddhi or abhijna abilities to regress past lives…and if we have past lives, we must surely have future lives.