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April 29, 2017

Edge of Reality

A young woman was just relaxing on her bed listening to some music. She was listening to a CD by the Moody Blues that she had borrowed from his father. At some point during the songs, she felt like he had entered a different dimension…she wasn’t in her room anymore…if fact, she didn’t know where she was…it was not a place, but a dimension, as there was absolutely no sense of place or time, she just had a vague feeling that overcame her. Soon she saw some intense colors that seemed to come alive. The colors kept changing and they swirled around her. She became wrapped up in the movement of these colors. She was an observer and at the same time she a participant of this wonderful experience. There was no space in the usual sense of the word, and these colors seemed to vibrate. No, she hadn’t taken any drugs or mind altering substances. She just lost herself in the music, which in turn had led her to this experience of pulsating and invigorating colors. What caused it? Who knows? It happened years ago, but to this day, she remembers it quite vividly, especially the feeling that she was in another world, or dimension. When she came to, the music was still playing, so she estimated it took some fifteen or so minutes of the regular time, but it seemed timeless and eternal wherever it was that she had gone. It never happened to her again, but she’ll never forget how on one day, she found herself over the edge of what we call reality.