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March 31, 2017

Altered State Of Consciousness

An altered state of consciousness which can also be called an altered state of mind or mind alteration…well whatever you want to call it…it is any condition which is significantly different from what the ‘experts’ call a normal waking beta wave state, whatever that is...I suppose it means when we are in a regular state of mind…In the world of academia, the expression was used as early as the mid-60’s…It describes induced changes in one's mental state which are almost always temporary…A similar phrase that is often used is an "altered state of awareness"…These altered states of consciousness may be caused either accidentally or intentionally…they may be accidental or intentional such as during meditation. Intoxication or drug use like taking LSD which is infamous as far as altering the mind and consciousness quite effectively…now that person’s experience can be affected by the mood they are in at the time…their expectations of what the drug will do…and even the surroundings of the person taking the drug…it can also cause these types of ‘states’…states that may include an altered awareness of the surroundings…altered perceptions, and feelings as well as sensations and images that seem real though they are merely hallucinations… even ones that include the takers’ own body…they are often called trips…and these trips usually start within thirty minutes or so of taking LSD by mouth…by mouth…that is the usual form…it can be less if the drug is snorted or taken intravenously…the trip peaks normally three to four hours after ingestion, and can last up to twelve hours…depending on the strength of the drug and the amount taken and of course the individual themselves…ecstasy, wild patterns of color or an altered recognition of time have been reported… Vivid hallucinations that include all the sense including seeing, hearing, touching, or smelling things in a distorted way or perceiving things that do not exist have all been reported…also intensified feelings and sensory experiences such as brighter colors and sharper sounds have been felt or experienced…mixed senses such as being able to see sounds or the ability to hear colors are common themes…time often seems to come to a crawl when under the influence of LSD...and sometimes takers have even felt as though they had died…and they are merely onlookers to their death experiences…some experiences are merely out of body ones that cause no specific harm to the user…sometimes these trips will lead one to a powerful religious realization…there are of course "bad trips"…trips that can produce intense negative emotions, irrational fears and anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia and mood swings…one never knows how the LSD will affect them…now sleep deprivation, fasting, and psychosis can also sometimes be a source of these altered states as well as intense prayer, but the effects are usually not as intense as ones with LSD...those creative souls such as artists or songwriters may have or do actively seek such a state in the belief that they it will increase their creativity, and I’m quite certain it can…these altered states of consciousness can be quite revealing of both the user and the world they live in…the point being altered states of consciousness or altered state of mind can be quite interesting to experience if one is daring enough to do so or simply is struck by such a thing.