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December 10, 2016


If I go to a party during the holidays…or for that matter any party, the one person I want to stay away from is the dreaded storyteller…you know he’s the kind of chowder head that just prattles on and on with uninteresting and unfunny stories…they always seem to back you into a corner or trap you at a table…that’s when they start with their long-winded tales…now I don’t mind discussing things with somebody, but I don’t want to listen to some yarn that only the teller of the story finds fascinating…they just get a kick out of telling you about something although you never asked in the first place…they always want to tell you how they got backstage at a concert, or got World Series front row tickets, or some other ‘unbelievable’ tale…or it may just be how they describe every shot from their last round of golf…always at some expensive well-known course…and they’re right…the stories are unbelievable or just plain dull…they’re proud of their reputation as a great storyteller…as for me, I just got a text and gotta go and you can tell me about your stories ‘next time’.