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December 20, 2016

Back In The Day

I sometimes wonder what it was like to live in the 1880’s or so…life was simpler then, yet so much harder…one didn’t have the things of convenience back then that we take for granted nowadays…but I’m guessing there wasn’t nearly as much stress either…get up with the sun, get your work done…have a quiet dinner at home with your family…and then early to bed… many children in rural parts of the country worked on farms along with their parents... the parents worked hard and so did the children…boys usually helped their fathers outside the house with various chores, and the girls helped their mothers inside with domestic work…children that went to school learned at home or in a one room schoolhouse where there was one teacher that handled all the grades…sometimes children had to walk miles to school, carrying their supplies and lunch with them… maybe that’s where the stories of walking in snowstorms, uphill both ways, and into the wind came from…my dad went to one of these schools before he got to high school…and told stories of waking up with frost on his bed…maybe it wasn’t so romantic after all.