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October 13, 2016

Basement Hockey

I was watching an old film of a hockey game the other night…it was from the 1960’s…players played without helmets and goaltenders didn’t wear masks…you had to be a pretty brave man to be stop hard rubber pucks without the use of a mask, or some might say a pretty dumb one…it was great watching the old time players again at the old time stadiums…Chicago Stadium, The Olympia, Maple Leaf Gardens, The Montreal Forum, Boston Garden, and an older version of Madison Square Garden…I did make it in person to Chicago Stadium (many times) and The Montreal Forum (once)…times were certainly a lot different then than they are now…some better, some not so good…I remember I had a small hockey net in the basement and I’d draw team logos and blue lines on the concrete floor with colored chalk…most of that chalk wound up on the bottom of my socks and my mom wasn’t too happy with my dirty and colored socks after a game…but she put up with it and I have some great childhood memories of those basement hockey games.