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September 14, 2016

Home Shopping

'Woman at Lakeshore'

A lot of folks find themselves staying home a lot more these days when they go shopping…a friend of mine bought a garbage disposal last week online and paid $10 less than he would have buying it at a store and he got free shipping too…it almost seems archaic buying from a store anymore…at least certain things…you can hop on the internet and usually find just about anything you want as opposed to going to a store and finding a usually very limited selection…and when I find something I do like, it’s usually the wrong size or my size is in the wrong color…why should I be forced to buy something that some clothes buyer for the store thinks is great???...or paying more because the store runs a million commercials and someone’s got to pay for those ad buys…and for the real estate and the store rent and so on…I like doing things the easy way…just like in life…don’t complicate and muck up things needlessly…keep it clean and simple.