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September 16, 2016

Annoying Phone Calls

Seems to me there oughta be a rule prohibiting these phone solicitors from bothering you…you should be able to enjoy the quiet and sanctity of your own home without someone bothering you…yes, there’s the national do not call hotline, but some don’t seem to honor it…I hate it when you come in from working out in the yard and you lay down to take a little nap and as soon as you start to fall asleep, some huckster calls and wakes you up…the other day it was some company doing ‘free’ roof inspections…(Sarcasm alert)…yeah, I bet they’re free and I bet that these shysters always find something that needs urgent repair…in fact, when the caller mentioned it, I responded back; “Yeah, I bet they are”…I’m just glad the political primary is over with so I don’t get calls from other politicians endorsing a candidate…or some spouse telling you how wonderful their husband/wife is and how great a school board member, or committeeman they’d make…I consider myself a good husband but that doesn’t make me qualified for holding office…not that I’d want to anyway…or you have those downright crooks who call trying to steal information or intimidate you into giving them money…I remember someone saying that they don’t answer the phone because there’s usually someone else on the other end…and a lot of times it’s someone you don’t want to talk to.