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May 21, 2016

Master of the Night

Legend says that there is a little man who is three or four feet high and who looks like a human being but is invisible. If he is invisible, how they know this I do not know, but anyway he may be a spirit or he may serve a spirit, but in any case, he does just one kind of work. He is the master of night and is the one who brings sleep to human beings. When dusk comes, he goes to work. His magic works well on some, and they cannot help but fall asleep easily. It is said that he stares at a person and they cannot help but fall asleep. For those who are already in their beds, he knocks them on the head with something soft like a pillow. He visits babies first, and then the children, and then on up to the old people. It is said that those who are struck by the master of night live to a very old age.