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March 20, 2016


 Luxury Hotel

Sometimes it may seem as though we are afloat and unattached in any way to the shore or the seabed or anything else in this world. However, we are not under way. We may be like a wayward vessel, one that is not under control and therefore goes where the winds and currents take it. We shoot up a flare but nobody sees it, nobody knows where we are because we didn’t file a float plan…or if we did, we are no longer maintaining the course…but if we are patient and remain calm and have a belief in the ways of the Dao, we may find ourselves drifting toward some shore lights. Closer and closer we get…soon we can hear the music on the beach from some fake tiki bar, or we see the lights of a hotel and we can imagine ourselves in that hotel, maybe ordering room service and laying on the bed relaxing. We wash up on the sand or swim to shore and we think we have cheated death. But one never cheats death…one might slip away from it a time or two but it always finds you…someday…somewhere. However, if you believe in the ways of the Dao, this does not frighten you. You know it’s all part of the natural process.