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January 22, 2016


Yesterday, we talked about the bohemians. Among the bohemians among us, there are or were several different ‘types’

The ones that were called Beats. They were often creative types who were non-materialist and often art-focused on things such as writing or music. Then there were zennies and these individuals generally came after the post-beat era. Their focus was on spirituality more than the arts. There were also the gypsies. They were the type that tried to create their own version of nirvana wherever they went. There were nouveau bohemians. These were faux-bohemians in the sense that they had money and they attempted to join traditional bohemianism and live within the counterculture. Lastly, there were the dandies. These kind had no money, but did their best to try and appear as if they had it by buying and displaying expensive items, such as the brand of alcohol they drank

A current example of ‘bohemian culture’ might be the Burning Man festival, which is an annual participatory arts festival that is held in the Nevada desert. Of course many bohemians don’t have the desire to ‘fit in’ even among other bohemians.