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January 18, 2016

The Dumb Drum

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Reality television shows are no more reality than reality itself. The reality that we call reality is full of illusion and fakery, it’s all a hoax you know. The whole concept of reality is one giant hoax perpetrated on the unsuspecting of which there are many by the media and society. Reality is breathing, drinking, eating. That’s reality. Reality is not what they tell us life is all about; all the garbage that goes with it, and no, perception is not reality. Life is a fraud and that’s a shame because life can be beautiful. Death is a fraud. Everybody’s got a different idea of what happens and nobody knows anything for sure. We talk about reality like that is the absolute realness of all things but it isn’t. Reality is full of lies and half-truths that usually go unchallenged. They’re deemed as ‘reality’ and most people just follow along like good little soldiers marching to the beat of a dumb drum. The Dao is reality but most people can’t hear it. They keep listening to the dumb drum. There are parts of ‘reality’ that come in and take their place when we don’t know what else to think or are too tired, or too something.