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December 23, 2015

So Many Angry People

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There is a lot of anger in the world; more specifically in the people of the world. The world or universe is never angry. Did an ocean ever curse at you? Even where there are catastrophic storms or volcanos or whatever, it’s just the Dao being the Dao; a correction of yin or yang, a natural progression. But why are people so angry and filled with hate? Maybe because we created these poor, hapless societies that we live in and we don’t like what we’ve created. We’ve done a pretty poor job of it. You can’t just paint over it like a bad artist. There is so much injustice and unfairness in many areas; politically, economically, socially. It causes us as mankind to act out in rage. The shame of it is we have the power to do something about it but we don’t work together. Everybody is pulling in a different direction. Everyone has their own agenda. Everybody resents somebody else. They’re too rich, too poor, too ignorant, too smart…it just goes on and on. Like somebody once said, if a being from deep in outer space showed up on Earth and saw what’s going on, they’d demand to speak to the manager.