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November 14, 2015


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Men flow into life and ebb into death
This is quite true
It is also true that
Some are filled with life
Some are empty with death
Even though they remain upright and breathing

Those who are filled with life
Need not fear the wild tigers or rhino
Nor have a need to
Wear armor in battle
For the rhinoceros finds no place in them for its horn
The tiger no place for its claw
The soldier no place for a weapon
For death finds no place in them

So many people fear death
It is because vast majority of humanity
Draws a line between life and death
They do not see it as one and same
The person who is at one with all things
Can go anywhere without fear of death hanging over them
Why is there fear over something so natural?
Life is the honorable mother of death
Without life, there can be no death.