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September 15, 2015

About That Sailboat I Never Got

 Image result for one man small sailboat
When I was fifteen, my parents told me they would buy me a sailboat for my sixteenth birthday and I cherished the idea. Well, my sixteenth birthday came and went and I didn’t get my sailboat and I must admit that I really didn’t give it a thought at the time. I don’t remember just what I did get but looking back I wish I had gotten that sailboat. I think it would have helped a younger person like I was then. Sailing can teach one a lot of things besides just how to sail. It can teach good decision making, self-reliance, problem solving and more. I did own several boats later on and enjoyed my time with them. I’m afraid my sailing days are now over and now my sailing is confined to being on board one of those gigantic cruise ships and my only problem is trying not to eat too much.