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August 1, 2015


It was me, you, and that cheerleader girl, I think her name was Linda. We were biology partners. We went on that biology field trip trudging through the weeds on a cool, sunny autumn day looking for something or other that we were supposed to collect and take back to the lab to ‘analyze’. Of course instead of heading back to the school lab, we headed over to the little mall that was close by. I don’t even think it’s there anymore. We walked around and ate lunch and talked. What we talked about escapes me now but I don’t suppose it was very important. After a couple of hours we went our own way. I still recall that day with great fondness even though I can’t remember too many details about it. It was just about being with friends and sharing a laugh or two while we were on the lam so to speak. Every day doesn’t have to be the Hope diamond and you don’t have to let it be a lump of coal either. Sometimes it’s the unexpected that brings the greatest joy.