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July 15, 2015

Waiting For The 8:52

 Image result for train platform in winter
It sure was cold standing on that train platform waiting and waiting for the 8:52. The wind was like a machete cutting through us as we stood there half-asleep. It’s a good thing you brought that flask and we could warm up once we got on board. In the Dao De Ching, they say tranquility overcomes heat, and movement overcomes the cold, and I’ll add that a flask of Hennessey overcomes about anything. We sat there on the train trying to warm up and watching the snow fly as we headed downtown. We got off at Randolph Street and walked through the dirty station and the flower vendors and newspaper stands and up the stairs into the Loop but not before we made the acquaintance of Mr. Flask a few times. We walked around a little bit and damn if we didn’t feel cold at all now. Everywhere we looked, there were grim faced people hurrying to their jobs or wherever. We sat on a bench and watched the world go by; not a care in the world.