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July 13, 2015


Sometimes you just don’t feel good. You feel like a puzzle with a few pieces missing, or with pieces that don’t quite go together. You feel incomplete; out of place. This happens to many people. You look around and realize that you don’t fit in. if you think about it though, there is nothing wrong with not quite fitting in. Who says that what passes for normal is the best way? We all walk our own path and the path of the Dao is one that’s not known to many. They claim that man is a social animal and needs companionship. This is true I suppose for most people, and one can find the best companionship in the natural world. The sand, the ocean, the sky; they have no agenda. They don’t judge. They don’t care how you stack up against something else or whether you ‘fit in’ or not. These are the best kind of companions to have.