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June 17, 2015

Shake It Off

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Meditation isn't always exciting. In fact, it usually isn't. The first few times seem exotic but then it becomes ordinary. However, there can be excellence in the ordinary. But sometimes, meditation is worse than that ordinary feeling. Sometimes, you just become bored. The habit is there, but the relationship to meditation is at a standstill. That means it is time to shake it off and examine your meditation program. It may be time to :

·       -  change the area you are meditating in
·      -   use a different posture for meditation or no particular posture at all
·       -  try a different form of meditation
·       -  allow yourself to move around, don’t feel you have to sit like a rock
·       -  stop putting pressure on yourself to achieve some type of ‘progress’

As you can see, the word sometimes has been used quite often. Meditation is more of an art than a science, and thus does not lend itself to strict rules. Making minor adjustments in your practice can help to recharge your practice. If you try these things and are still bored, practice anyway.