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June 27, 2015

Mining For Gold

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With each happy birthday, we celebrate. Every day of life should be a happy birthday complete with presents and cake and music. Surprises are great on our birthday but not when they show up unpleasantly. That is how life is though. When your least expecting it, it comes out of left field, or right field for that matter. We should have more happy birthday days than sad days. We can wait for the mother lode and maybe wait our whole lives for it. It may never come. We can’t always expect to hit the mother lode or anything close to that. Life is more like the tourist places that let you pan for gold in a river somewhere. If you are lucky, you might find a very small nugget which may not even be real gold. Many a miner in the old days went hungry and searched in vain. Gold or happiness is not guaranteed to those who look for them. It is important to look in the right places and be content with what you already have.