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June 29, 2015

Easy To Practice

It is said in the TTC that the Dao is easy to understand and practice, but nobody understands or practices it. I would think there are some followers, maybe in the far-off Himalayas or somewhere that are the exception to that statement but there can’t be many. For us in the ‘real world’, it can be difficult with all the demands and obligations we get ourselves into. The modern world can impede such a thing. I would venture to say that the Dao is infinite and there is no way we can learn all there is if that was even possible. Even if someone presented us with all that information, I suspect we wouldn’t know how to process it all. We can’t know the unknowable after all and practice isn’t perfect. That’s why it is called practice. Our lives are just one ongoing practice. We win sometimes, we lose sometimes and we fall down and get back up again and again.