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May 29, 2015

When Cadillacs Were Cadillacs

I was driving around doing errands the other day when I saw an old couple. The man was driving one of those old fashioned big Cadillacs; you know when Cadillacs were Cadillacs. Those cars have been phased out by Cadillac in favor of sportier models. That is the way of the world. Older things get pushed aside for newer things. Tastes change. Yet, the teachings of the Dao never change. No one comes out with an updated version that is conveniently revised for today’s culture. Authors come out with different viewpoints, but the core teachings never change. They remain the same. You can’t say truth because even the truth changes. The truth was that people rode horse and buggies 150 years ago. That is no longer the truth. Some truths are transient, others like the teachings remain for eternity.