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May 19, 2015


We are asked to believe many things. Some things are easier to believe than others. When we are little children, we believe in Santa Claus. When we get older, we realize it is not true, just a myth or a fable. We can believe in the Dao and its teachings because if we open our eyes, we can see it all around us. Other things that we can’t see tangible evidence about are harder to believe. That is when we cross the line from believability to faith. Sometimes we do so to a fault. It is important that we believe in ourselves. We should not look to others to justify our own being. We should not rely on others to tell us we are valuable. We must believe that for ourselves. Looking to others for approval is a sign of either immaturity or weakness. Become self-contained. Becoming self-contained doesn’t mean you should be a hermit. It just means that you don’t live your life based on the opinions and thoughts of others. You believe in yourself.