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April 26, 2015

The Vanishing Light

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It was late at night and he had stopped at a fast food restaurant he normally didn’t go to for something to eat. He sat in the parking lot, virtually the only car there. As he munched on his hamburger, he saw a bright light in the field that butted up against the restaurant property. This caught him by surprise as it had been totally dark before. It appeared to be a flashlight. The light traveled about twenty feet one way and then back. He tried to make out a figure holding the light but couldn’t see one. The light then went out. He found this strange since as best he could tell, there was nothing around. He put down his car window and listened; for footsteps, the crack of a twig underfoot, a voice…but there was only silence. He was mystified where the light could have come from. Well, months passed and he had forgotten about it when over a dinner, he was talking with a woman he had met. They got on to the subject of ghosts and such when the woman mentioned that in that very town, there were reports of paranormal activity. She went on to say that in a certain place, people had reported seeing a strange light or lights. It occurred in an empty field where a young girl who was kidnapped was found murdered; which was as it happened, was next to the restaurant the man had visited. People had seen it but no one could explain where the bright light came from. If they had the bravery to approach it, the light would go out and no trace could be found. She then laughed and said this must of happened after they had been drinking a lot! He smiled through the chills that ran up and down his spine.