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April 22, 2015

Lost and Found

The sky's water has fallen, and autumn clouds are thin,
The western wind has blown ten thousand li.
This morning's scene is good and fine,
Long rain has not harmed the land.
The row of willows begins to show green,
The pear tree on the hill has little red flowers.
A hujia pipe begins to play upstairs,
One goose flies high into the sky.

Clearing Rain---Du Fu

After the night rain has gone and the lightning and thunder are just a memory, and the clouds have lifted, the soft morning breeze brings peace. The morning finds us greeting the sun and finding the wet dew on the grass. Our footprints through it leave a mark but only temporarily. A goose takes to the sky taking out worries with it. It is in these moments that we become lost and by doing so find ourselves.