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February 23, 2015

Singing My Song

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East of Jieshi mountain, I gaze at the blue sea.
The water dances so gently, the mountain island towers.
Trees here grow thick, a hundred grasses are lush.
The autumn wind soughs, great waves rise up.
The path of the sun and moon, seems to come from within.
The splendid Milky Way, seems to come from inside.
Oh, I am so lucky, to be singing my song!

-Cao Cao

I sit in peace, yet as soon as I realize it the moment is spoiled. I just want to feel like I just woke up, non-thinking, non-judging. Let me enjoy this moment in freshness. Let me be a camera that just captures it all without so much as a thought. It brings me such joy to find this treasure. Perhaps we have all found a place like that.