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January 20, 2015

What Might Have Been

Beneath the moon, before the steps, all cherry blossom has fallen,
Enwreathed in smoke, she looks sorrowful lying in bed.
She feels the same regret today as one long year ago.
Both braids like cloud in disarray, her face is wan and sallow,
The crimson corset wet from wiping tears.
But what's the reason why she suffers so?
She lies in a drunken dream before the window.

-Li Yu    ‘Beneath the Moon, Before the Steps’

It has been said that the saddest words of paper and pen are those that say what might have been. I believe that there are some things we just shouldn’t think about. Thinking about what might have been, or why things are the way they are, or why some are born more beautiful, or more rich or more talented is a poison that will destroy the mind. And what good are regrets? What's done is done and that train has left the station. Instead, it is better to give thanks for what you have. Despite what you think, there are others who have it worse than you and would love to be in your shoes.