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January 10, 2015

My Wine

Facing my wine, I did not see the dusk,
Falling blossoms have filled the folds of my clothes.
Drunk, I rise and approach the moon in the stream,
Birds are far off, people too are few.

-Li Bai

How wonderful it is to be in a state of Samadhi at times; totally lost to the world. Samadhi roughly translated means being so deep in thought or activity, you lose track of time. Maybe you have had one of those days lately; a day when you have the world to yourself or so it seems. Days when you perhaps are home alone and you just enjoy the solitude. The phone doesn’t ring, no one comes to the door; it’s just you and you alone. Sometimes you can get so absorbed in what you are doing, you are completely oblivious to what is around you. Yes, this may include our favorite alcohol beverage for that may make us more reflective. For some reason I always found a winter day in the country to be the perfect setting for such a thing. I go for a walk in the late afternoon down a country road and just keep walking and walking in the cold. Before I know it, it is dusk and I have to head back; the only sound are my footsteps crunching in the snow. Very few birds or people indeed.