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January 4, 2015

A Light Boat

One of my favorite memories as a youth was rowing our boat onto the lake and finding a quiet spot among the grasses and just sitting there. It was so peaceful and it was a great chance to take in the beauty of nature. As twilight set in, you could hear cows mooing from the distant fields. Depending on the time of year, you could lay back and watch the geese in formation flying south for the winter. Soon, it would be time to put the boat away before the lake froze over and wait for the next spring. There are times I must admit when I wish I still had that rowboat and I could find that place of peace and innocence once again.

A light boat with short oars- West Lake is good.
A gentle curve in the green water,
Fragrant grass along the dyke,
The faint sound of pipes and song follows me everywhere.

Without a wind, the water's surface lies as smooth as glaze.
I don't notice boats passing,
Tiny movements start up ripples,
Startled birds rise from the sand and graze the bank in flight.

- Ouyang Xiu