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December 2, 2014

The Voice

It was an obscure documentary the other evening about the late 60’s and all the unrest that was taking place during that era; not just in the United States where we tend to focus on, but in many parts around the world; South America, France, Japan. Where have all the angry young voices of long ago gone? All the pseudo leaders who were going to change the world? The ones who spoke in front of crowds and preached Marxism, Communism, peace or whatever it was they were trying to spread? A million young voices screaming to be heard as the song goes. Almost all are now just footnotes in the past. Did most of them give up and grudgingly join the masses? The megaphones have been put away. The hair has turned gray and perhaps some of these people realized that getting by day to day was truly the great struggle. Where are the crowds that cheered them? They have dispersed and gone home; their ideas smothered or replaced by other ideas, some which may not have entirely been altruistic. And what about those laying dead in the street; anonymous prone bodies captured by the camera; forgotten by all but their families perhaps. Was it worth it? There has been some change but that change is inevitable. All that energy that was maybe dissipated by disillusionment with the cause or the leaders of such cause, or maybe by the fact that the mountain was simply too high to climb. Or maybe you just get older and don’t care as much anymore.