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October 18, 2014

The Dagger

The Siamese Fighting Fish, also known as a Betta fish is a beautifully colored fish that one might think is docile based on its appearance but this is not true. This fish is quite combative, hence the name, with other fish that it perceives to be a threat to it or its food supply. I can see the way it attacks its food when I put some in at night. It just goes to show that appearances can be quite deceiving. In people, we the smiling teeth, but we do not see the heart. We see the helping hand, but we may not see the dagger in the other.

It has been said that to really know someone, you should look at their back yard and not be misled by their front yard. Most people are not real; they are propped up by the false images they seek to create for someone else or for themselves. One can see the smiling teeth but one cannot look deep enough with the eyes to see the heart. The truth is we are often disappointed if we go beyond the superficial. Maybe that is why so many of us don’t willingly go there. We want to see the neon and the pretty lights of the city, but we don’t want to look to close and see the desolate streets, the emptiness and loneliness of what lies beneath.