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October 30, 2014

The Curse Of The Sacred Stone

In Peru, there is was incident which came to be named The Curse of The Sacred Stone. Here is what happened according to sources. While visiting a ‘sacred’ sight, a man grabbed a stone and stuffed it into his pocket as a souvenir. This was a definite no-no according to the signs and guides at the site. It is said that later, the man felt a burning sensation in his pocket where the stone was resting however he gave it no further thought. That night as he tried to sleep, the lights in the room would flicker on and off. He said that while he lay in bed, he could feel strange sensations such as suddenly feeling cold even though his room was quite warm during the Peruvian summer. As he lay sleeping, he felt his bed suddenly move waking him from his slumber. He reported the same thing happened on the second night. Finally after being told of a possible ‘curse’ by an old descendant of the Incas, he returned the stone back to the sacred grounds. That night, the lights remained off, and he felt no chills or his bed moving. Imagination or true happenings? He swears it to be true. Could something like that really happen?