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October 26, 2014


There is a mansion that is located in Wisconsin that is named “Summerwind”. It was built in the 1920′s and whoever has lived there had, let’s say unusual experiences from whatever. The first owner lived there with his wife and he heard complaints from his maids that the house was haunted which he shrugged off as silliness until one day the basement door started shaking wildly and he saw a ghostly figure of a man, he fired two shots at it and immediately left the mansion with his wife. The property remained vacant for 40 years until some new owners moved in and immediately saw strange occurrences from flickering shadows, to hearing soft voices when they entered a room, you know, standard horror movie stuff. There was also a ghost of a woman who would make an appearance from time to time in the dining room. Later, the remains of a little girl were found but later vanished when authorities showed up. Eventually, some construction workers were hired to renovate the house, but the workers complained about lost tools and how the rooms changed sizes every time they measured them. Soon after, it was abandoned again, this time for good. Once we find the Dao, we must be careful we do not abandon it through carelessness. We must hold on to it firmly but not too tightly.