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September 3, 2014

St. Petersburg to Sarasota

This bridge was the scene of a tragic accident during the early 1980's. The bridge was struck by a large boat and collapsed, killing many people when their cars plunged into the water below. This would seem to inspire some ghostly activity, but no; the ghost I speak of tonight is a young woman dressed in a nightgown that appears usually around midnight at the top of the bridge and tries to catch a ride with oncoming cars. One semi-truck driver said he picked up a young woman, dripping wet and she told him to drop her off on other side of the bridge but as soon as he got there, she was gone. There have been many sightings of this woman on the bridge who some believe was a suicide victim, one of many people who have decided to end their life on the bridge. The Skyway Bridge is 200 feet tall and connects St. Petersburg to Sarasota.