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September 6, 2014

Port Said

Rudyard Kipling once said "If you truly wish to find someone you have known and who travels, there are two points on the globe you have but to sit and wait, sooner or later your man will come there: the docks of London and Port Said.” Sad to say, but I had actually never heard of Port Said until I watched a Mr. Moto movie ‘Mr. Moto’s Last Warning’ where it was mentioned and the movie took place. Of course the days of Kipling are long gone and far different than they are now. Travel is far different, much less glamourous and exciting than it once was whether by airplane or boat. I don’t know which airports would fill that description. London? Chicago? The world is a far smaller place than it used to be and I must add, a far more jaded one at least to this set of eyes.